Wood elf, shadow monk


Race: Wood Elf
Born: Helion City


Fyreldnere is an unusually tall Wood Elf, with hazel eyes and copper-colored skin. She has long black hair, which she keeps braided away from her face.

She dresses in dark, cropped robes, and carries ample but simple traveling gear. Her nicest piece of clothing is an engraved leather belt with an ornate fastening.

Fyreldnere was raised in the temple of Pelor and at a young age committed to the life of an acolyte. She had been left at the temple as an infant and was raised by Ylyndar Olalen, also an elf and a monk of Pelor.

She was not discontent with her life, but she didn’t have the discipline of study and she didn’t get along with her teachers. Eventually she fell in with an unsanctioned cult of Pelor who were avowed to server both Pelor and the Raven Queen, and use her darkness to bring light to the world. She studied with them for some time, learning their secrets.

However, she was found out, breaking her adopted father’s heart. She was excommunicated from the service of Pelor and banished from the temple.

This crushed her. The shame was immense. For decades after, she travelled looking for redemption, doing her best to server Pelor in hopes she could find a sign she’d been forgiven. But all she seems to find are signs she has yet to.


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