At the Red Festival Recap
Red Festival

The Red Festival in Baiocchi has been in full swing for about a week, and our adventurers find themselves there for a variety of reasons.

Arthfael and Lonnia have come south from Valor Hold, Arthfael introducing Lonnia to his hometown’s most exciting tradition.

Old Sid has come to sell his alcohol-infused Wyvern’s Originals.

Todo: Brett and Olivia

As the afternoon sets in, Art and Lonnia are at the Solid Stone Tavern sampling local wine. This proves to be a mistake for Lonnia who finds herself unable to speak after slamming back one of Baiocchi’s less than safe vintages.

Out in the street’s, Brett’s character decides to slip into the Merlorpheum and take a peek at the production’s final rehearsal before the matinee. Inside, the director and star of the show are in conflict about the star’s motivation for smiting the dragon who she’d been in love with in previous scenes. Brett, deceiving the cast and crew by posing as the missing propsmaster, successfully provides some helpful notes. As the scene changes, the flag atop a pirate ship set snags on the mechanical dragon and tears – a catastrophe the propsmaster is directed to remedy.

Out in the square, nearby the fountain which is, for the festival, filled with a mixture of local wine, Old Sid vends his wares to Olivia’s character, who drives a hard bargain. Arthfael and Lonnia (still mute) are drawn by Sid’s calls, and Art also partakes of the halfling’s family product.



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