Things aren’t exactly mundane in the coastal city of Baiocchi. Two days’ ride south of the Dwarven stronghold of [[Kor’duun]], and about the same distance from the twin cities of Lexica and Harmonium in the west. The sea to the south is dense with fish, and the hills in the north are the best in the known world for growing grapes.

By far the greatest influence on local culture and commerce is the World Scar, the massive world-ending chasm which has unfathomable depths and mind-screaming breadth, filled overbrimming with horrors and insanities. :)

Baiocchi is known in the world as a bawdy place, perhaps everything from government to agriculture to local commerce tainted in some off-shift way by the residual Scar-poison steeped in the air, soil, and water.



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