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    h2. Major Cities * [[Drake Rest]] * [[Lexica]] * [[Harmonium]] * [[Kor'duun]] * [[Helion City]] * [[Valor Hold]] h2. Minor Cities * [[Baiocchi]] * [[Catchpole]] * [[Splitoak]] * [[Teltharion]] * [[Dram'duun]] * [[Wayfayr]] * [[Bent Mill]] …

  • Baiocchi

    Things aren’t exactly mundane in the coastal city of Baiocchi. Two days’ ride south of the Dwarven stronghold of [[Kor’duun]], and about the same distance from the twin cities of [[Lexica]] and [[Harmonium]] in the west. The sea to the south is dense with …

  • Merlopheum

    The oldest and largest theatre in town, also in city center of [[Baiocchi]]. The grandest shows are performed here, starring the biggest stars and stage-engineers in the city. And that’s saying something. [[:broti | Broti]] - actor

  • Solid Stone Tavern

    A high-occupancy tavern right on the square. Popular among tourists, it’s relatively safe, but a good place to get a taste of [[Baiocchi]] and learn about local lore and celebrities.

  • The Great Green Sea

    The Great Green Sea lies to the west of [[Edgewood]], a massive forest with no charted end. Attempts to map its boundaries have either failed or ended with missing explorers.