Fight Night

This is a come-as-you-are, let’s-roll-dice, 5th ed, no cost or obligation, one-shot, dungeon master hot seat, school-night friendly, anything goes event series.


There’s no story premise set. Every fight can be totally disconnected from each other. It’s not part of any campaign. You might enjoy thinking of the encounters as stories told around a campfire or over a pint.


Anyone can drop in with any characters you want to bring. Play as many or as few encounters as you want. You can also come and DM fights.

Character level will be set in advance and progress as characters level. Characters should be about +/- 1 of the Fight Night’s level.

If there are more players than is suitable for an encounter, we’ll split the party and run another encounter simultaneously.

Online players welcome. Beginners welcome!


Anyone can DM an encounter, on any terrain, with any creatures, and any story. Beginner DM’s welcome. Encounters can have any balance of role-playing, skill challenges, or combat – it’s all up to you. Plan for your encounter to last about 2 to 2.5 hours.

Combat style is DM’s choice: such as traditional grid, gridless, or theatre of the mind. Bring your own flavor/figs/scenery or dip into our substantial assets.

Setting and creatures can come from any lore book.


Fight Night organizers will dole out loot you can use for future fight nights.


Fight Nights will rotate so we don’t always hit Zumba/yoga/open mic/ raid nights. We’ll try to end promptly at the scheduled time.

Fight Night

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